Section 3 - Algarve

Albufeira / Portimão


Section 3 starts in Albufeira, heading towards the charming village of Armação de Pêra. But before you reach it, take the opportunity to explore Zoomarine, an impressive oceanographic park offering unique educational entertainment in Portugal. Inspired by the Algarve’s deep-rooted connection with the sea, Zoomarine promises a captivating day featuring dolphins, seals, sharks, turtles, exotic aquatic birds, crocodiles, and tropical fish. You can also take a dip in the pool or explore the park’s many attractions.

Continuing your journey, you’ll reach Armação de Pêra, renowned for its expansive sandy beach and inviting warm waters. Towards the eastern end of the beach, colorful fishing boats add to the enchanting atmosphere, paying homage to Armação de Pêra’s fishing heritage.

The next destination is Lagoa, a county teeming with rich natural heritage. Don’t miss the Algar Seco Trail, a 600-meter walkway that allows you to experience the unique Mediterranean vegetation of the cliffs, the diverse coastal fauna, and a spectacular natural rock formation that has created a network of caves through which sea water flows. Lagoa is also home to a one-of-a-kind natural area called Sítio das Fontes, and the municipality boasts an equally rich built heritage, including churches, a convent, fortresses, lighthouses, and characteristic chimneys.

You can’t leave Lagoa without visiting Sand City, the largest sand sculpture park in the world. During the day, you can admire the sculptures in intricate detail, and at night, the park offers a varied program of live music, theater, dance, and circus arts.

The final town in this section is Ferragudo, a picturesque fishing village located opposite Portimão, marking the end of our 40-kilometer journey. The village is characterized by its white houses extending down to the banks of the River Arade.

This section is part of the Algarve Ecovia, a 214-kilometer cycling route that connects Vila Real de Santo António (Section 1) to Sagres (Section 5), crossing 12 municipalities along the southern coastline of the Algarve.


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Heritage: 3 Nature: 2 Museums & Science: 5 Turistic Activities: 9
  • Address: Apartado 11, EN. 125 Sítio das Areias
    Postal Code: 8365-908
    County: Silves
    Phone: 282 320 230

  • Address: Rua Igreja Edf Nbr AD
    Postal Code: 8200-559
    County: Albufeira
    Phone: +351 969 913 454

  • Address: Zona Ribeirinha - Doca de Recreio
    Postal Code: 8500-503
    County: Portimão
    Phone: +351 282417529

  • Address: EN 264, Lagoa de Viseu
    Postal Code: 8365-907 Algoz
    County: Silves
    Phone: +351 282 574 134

  • Address: Estrada de Santa Eulália
    Postal Code: 8200-916 Albufeira
    County: Albufeira
    Phone: (+351) 913 185 782

  • Address: Edifício Portimar - Alto do Quintão
    Postal Code: 8500-833 Portimão
    County: Portimão
    Phone: +351 282 470 063

  • Address: E.N. 125 Vale de Deus
    Postal Code: 8401-901
    County: Lagoa
    Phone: +351 282 340 800

  • Address: Rua Alves Correia, n.º 52
    Postal Code: 8200-090
    County: Albufeira
    Phone: +351 289 589 048

  • Address: EN 125, KM 65, Guia
    Postal Code: 8201-864
    County: Albufeira
    Phone: +351 289 560 300

Beach: 44 Information: 9 Bike Shops: 7 Accommodation - Campsite: 4 Accommodation - Youth Hostels: 1
  • Address: Rua Pousada da Juventude
    Postal Code: 8500-423 Portimão
    County: Portimão
    Phone: +351 282 471 267

Accommodation - Hotel: 1

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Section 3

Albufeira / Portimão: 38

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  • Beach
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