Praia do Amado

Praia do Amado lies between Careanos and Três Castelos, framed by the cliffs typical of this stretch of the coast. The colours alternate between bright red and ochre, and the different features and rocky reliefs seem like something from a fantasy world. Access to the sand is down a steep staircase in the cliff face, lined by dense vegetation that is well-adapted to saline environments: saltwort, Mediterranean saltbush, sweet alyssum and gold coin daisies. Down on the beach, in the sand that accumulates at the base of the cliffs, you will find an abundance of Cretan trefoil and sand couch-grass, making up mini dune fields. An attractive pedestrian and cycle route runs along the cliff top between this beach and the view point at Três Castelos, which marks the boundary between Praia dos Três Castelos and Praia da Rocha. There are stopping points along the route, gardens and an area with open-air cafés, allowing you to take the best possible advantage of the sunshine and panoramic views from these cliffs overlooking the sea.

Additional Information

Address: Portimão

Postal Code: 8500

County: Portimão

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Coordinates: 37.1185222,-8.550827777777778