• Praia Dona Ana

    Before you start heading down to the beach, it is worth spending a moment at the small viewpoint to admire the view of coastline and the curious rock formations – rocky ledges, sinkholes and caves – that have been carved out by the fresh and salt water. You will see countless white dots gleaming on […]

  • Praia Grande

    At Praia Grande, the sands stretch for over 2 km and the landscape is open and natural. Two wetland zones delimit the beach: the Alcantarilha Marsh to the west and the Salgados Lagoon, the latter being internationally renowned as a site for bird watching. The aquatic birds which can be seen here include important species […]

  • Praia do Alvor Nascente (Três Irmãos

    Located to the east of the estuary, this beach still enjoys the benefits of being close to the typical town of Alvor, the open landscape over the bay and extensive dune system, although the region’s tourist complexes are gradually beginning to surround it. Thus, on the seafront, you will still be able to see the […]

  • Praia do Burgau

    Situated within the village of Burgau, this is a town beach that marks the western boundary of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park. The sands stretch along a small bay, sheltered from inclement weather, and which serves as a fishing port. Here, fishing is still carried on in the traditional way using equipment […]

  • Praia do Martinhal e Praia dos Rebolinhos

    Martinhal Beach lies to the east of the town of Sagres and, while it still benefits to some extent from the shelter afforded by Baleeira Point, it can be quite windy when the north wind blows through the wide valley in front of the beach. The waters, however, are calm and inviting for windsurfing and […]

  • Praia da Manta Rota

    This is a large beach, bathed by warm waters, associated with the village of Manta Rota. It continues on from the sandy barrier that delimits the Ria Formosa lagoon system to the east. Although Manta Rota retains some of its original character as a fishing village, it is today a major tourist resort. A large […]

  • Praia do Barranco das Belharucas

    From this beach on, the deeply-eroded limestone coastline of the western Algarve gives way to gentle cliffs of sand and clay, which stretch eastwards to the municipality of Loulé. The best way to get to the beach is on foot, not only because it is a very pleasant walk but also because the dirt track […]

  • Praia dos Alemães

    This beach follows on from Inatel Beach as you head eastwards. Back in the days of the canning industry, the Inatel facility was a factory belonging to a German family, hence the name of beach (“Alemães” = “Germans”). When the Inatel Foundation took over the building, the stretch of beach next to the hotel was […]

  • Praia dos Arrifes

    This little bay is sheltered by low, deeply-eroded cliffs where you can see sinkholes, arches and caves. Three huge rocky ledges, clearly out of proportion in comparison to the size of the beach, dominate the horizon, giving you the illusion of bathing in an impressive rock pool. This is why the beach is also known […]

  • Praia dos Salgados

    This beach follows on from the sands of Praia Grande, to the east of the Salgados Lagoon, a wetland zone that has formed at the final stretch of the Espiche Stream. To get to the beach, you go through the holiday village associated with the golf course that runs alongside the lagoon, descending an avenue […]

  • Praia de Santo António

    This beach is located next to the mouth of the Guadiana and continues for a distance of 3 km, bathed by warm, calm waters, all the way to neighbouring Monte Gordo. The National Coastal Dune Scrubland, a forest of maritime and stone pine growing on the dunes, gives a fresh, green feel to this Mediterranean […]

  • Praia de Monte Gordo

    Human occupation of this site dates back for many years, although for much of that time it was limited to fishing communities. Now the coloured fishing boats and fishing paraphernalia are to be found only on one section of the beach, the remainder having been taken over by restaurants, information and recreational facilities for beachgoers, […]