Praia de Monte Gordo

Human occupation of this site dates back for many years, although for much of that time it was limited to fishing communities. Now the coloured fishing boats and fishing paraphernalia are to be found only on one section of the beach, the remainder having been taken over by restaurants, information and recreational facilities for beachgoers, and sports areas. Having been a pioneer in the Algarve’s history of tourism, Monte Gordo remains a major tourist centre to this day. The central section of the beach is backed by a lively seafront avenue with gardens, places to stay and multiple tourist facilities. The atmosphere is the hottest, driest and brightest in the Algarve, and the sea here is renowned for being calm and warm. On the little dunes that still form in the busiest part of the beach, only the thorny sea holly has been able to withstand the constant treading of tourist feet. At the far ends of the beach, the dunes are higher and you will be able to admire the vegetation from the raised walkways that lead on to the beach.

Additional Information

Address: Monte Gordo

Postal Code: 8900

County: Vila Real de Santo António

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Coordinates: 37.17755,-7.451275