Long distance transport


The Rede de Expressos ensures the connection between hundreds of destinations across the country, several times a day. This company offers 19 daily departures between Lisbon and Porto and 20 daily departures between Porto and Lisboa.

You can search for the destinations covered by the company and the price of tickets through the Timetables  and Prices tab, selecting your starting point and the end point.

autocarrosYou can transport bicycles with Rede Expressos / Renex with an extra price of 5 euros, with previous purchase and exclusively online. A total of four units per vehicle is allowed. They shall be able to travel without causing damage to the remaining baggage or packages packed in a box or bag prepared for carriage.

These regulations can be found in the FAQs tab at the top of the company page.


There are two types of service trains with national coverage, the Intercidades and Alfa Pendular, operated by the company Comboios de Portugal.

For shorter trips there are other trains – Regional, InterRegional and Coimbra Urban trains) that allow the connection between some parts of the country.

The map of the CP company’s services can be found on image below and in the webpage (version only in portuguese).


Timetables and prices information can be found in the website.

Intercidades trains


The supports in the carriages do not have padlocks.

Lisbon – Oporto / Braga / Guimarães, Beira Alta, Beira Baixa, Alentejo (Lisbon Oriente / Évora) e Sul Intercidades trains

The 2nd class carriages on these trains have proper supports for traditional bikes, allowing 2 bikes to be taken in each carriage.

biciletas em intercidades

For more information see here.

Alfa Pendular trains

Bicicletas-nos-Comboios alfaIn the Alfa Pendular trains bikes can be transported since they are disassembled and properly packed as luggage that is no larger than fits in the luggage rack or under the seats, the space corresponding to the seats you ave the right to, maximum one piece of luggage per person. This transport is free.

For more information see here.

Regionais/InterRegionais/Coimbra Urban trains

Bicicletas-nos-Comboios regionaisThe Regional, InterRegional and Coimbra urban trains allow you to take your bike. On the platform before boarding, go to the ticket inspector, who must issue the ticket (the passenger’s) and say whether the bike can go on board as the space is limited depending on the kind of rolling stock.

There are temporary restrictions on bikes on the Regional and InterRegional
trains. restrictions can be found here (version in portuguese).

Bikes cannot be taken on the Minho and Douro line regional services.

It is advisable to use the carriages and spaces indicated on the regional trains.

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