How to download the GPS tracks

Downloading the GPS tracks

First you have to go to the relevant section page (or sections pages) that interest you and click on ‘Download GPX’. This type of GPS trails is the standard format and is recognized by all modern devices and softwares. The following step is put this file in any website, app or specific device that allows you to import GPX files in order to be able to view your route. Please notethat you need to have a suitable type of GPS device.

download gpx

What/how to use websites and/or applications where can you import GPX files?

There are several sites/applications that import GPX files which you can view and make use without any cost. In the following list we leave some suggestions of sites/applications (although can be many other options), as well as a brief explanation how to use them.

GPSies ( – On the homepage click on ‘Create’ and then on ‘Create route’. It will appear in the in the bottom on the left, the option to import the GPX file that you downloaded before.

OsmAnd ( – First you have to download the application to your device and you have to choose if is for Android or for iOS. For Android you can import GPX files via File Browser or Dropbox and select OsmAnd as a target application. For iOS to open a GPX file you just have to select OsmAnd as an app to open it. That’s it: you’ll view the file normally in the application.

Strava ( – First you have to download the application to your device. The following step is going to the ‘Activity’ option and click the “key” icon on the left and select ‘Create Route’ in which you can import GPX file downloaded previously.

Maplorer ( – On the homepage click on ‘View GPX ‘. Posteriorly in the ‘Choose file’ option enter the GPX file downloaded previously. Click on the ‘Bike’ option and then you just have to click on ‘View profile’ option to finish the operation.

Oruxmaps ( – Download the application to your device. Select ‘Routes’ option and then ‘Load File’ in which you can upload a GPX file downloaded previously.

Wikiloc ( – The first step is to register to import your files. On the homepage select ‘Upload trails’ option and then upload your GPX file.