Praia de Santo António

This beach is located next to the mouth of the Guadiana and continues for a distance of 3 km, bathed by warm, calm waters, all the way to neighbouring Monte Gordo. The National Coastal Dune Scrubland, a forest of maritime and stone pine growing on the dunes, gives a fresh, green feel to this Mediterranean setting, excessively hot, dry and bright. The most interesting way to get to the seafront is along a foot- and cycle path called “Caminho dos Três Pauzinhos”, along which a mini-train also runs. This path goes through a large pine grove where you can smell the aromas of the resin, thyme and curry plants, the latter giving off a strong curry odour. Sharp-eyed visitors may spot the slow-moving and generally camouflaged chameleons ambling through the pine grove. Close to the beach, bridal veil broom, a tall scrub plant typical of the eastern Algarve sands, prevails. And on the crests of the dunes closest to the sea, you will see beach grass. The mouth of the Guadiana can be seen off to the east and on the other side of the great southern river lies Spain.

Additional Information

Address: Vila Real de Santo António

Postal Code: 8900

County: Vila Real de Santo António

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Coordinates: 37.1734639,-7.421816666666667