Praia do Alvor

This beach is located in the wide bay of Lagos, on a sandy peninsula that extends for over 3.
5 km to the east of the harbour at the Alvor Estuary. Thanks to the sand barriers in the estuary, there is an inland lagoon with areas of marshes and channels of calm waters. This habitat is a sanctuary for countless species of aquatic birds that either live here year round or are merely passing through. Many species of fish and molluscs also breed here (including shellfish, cuttlefish and octopus), which of great value to the local economy. The sand barrier is vast and stretches for as far as the eye can see. Along the seafront you can see delicate plants such as sand couch-grass, European beach grass, cottonweed, Cretan trefoil and sea daffodils. Despite being hot and dry, the dunes shelter various species of birds, micromammals, reptiles and many insects. Inland, the sands gradually give way to the marshes and the lagoon, where yachts and traditional fishing boats are anchored, and on whose banks stands the picturesque fishing town of Alvor.

Additional Information

Address: Alvor

Postal Code: 8500

County: Portimão

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Coordinates: 37.1229167,-8.599338888888889