Praia Grande

At Praia Grande, the sands stretch for over 2 km and the landscape is open and natural. Two wetland zones delimit the beach: the Alcantarilha Marsh to the west and the Salgados Lagoon, the latter being internationally renowned as a site for bird watching. The aquatic birds which can be seen here include important species such as the gracious black-winged stilt and the emblematic purple swamphen.
The prevailing vegetation in the robust dune system (it is 300 metres wide in places) consists of aromatic species such as the curry plant, with its distinctive scent.
On the central section of the beach, a wooden walkway affords a panoramic view over the Salgados Lagoon and the dunes, and you will be able to see fossilised dunes and the eye-catching spiny thrift.
There is another walkway around the inland section of the dune system, which goes around the Salgados Lagoon to the harbour area and leads to a viewpoint and bird observatory. In addition to the massive dune system, there is also farmland, especially fields sown with grain crops and dry orchards, and this is where you will be able to see old mills and the remains of hydraulic devices.

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