Praia da Galé

Praia da Galé stands at the far eastern end of the large sandy bay of Armação de Pera. Here, the rock formations typical of the western Algarve once again make their presence felt, providing a series of nooks and crannies for bathers, especially at the eastern end. In contrast, the western end is more exposed. These carbonate rocks, in warm colours and with an abundance of marine fossils, also known as shell mounds, bear witness to a bygone time when the sea came farther inland. They are now deeply-eroded by rainfall and worn smooth by the sea, and are covered in plants adapted to the sea spray, such as Mediterranean saltwort. In the areas where the sand has accumulated, especially the western section of the beach, you can still see typical dune plants, especially European beach grass, spiny thrift and the aromatic curry plant, growing on the dune system stretching between Salgados and Praia Grande. To the east, the landscape is dominated by the rock formations and you will see some stone pines growing along the crest of the orangey cliff.

Additional Information

Address: Galé

Postal Code: 8200

County: Albufeira

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Coordinates: 37.0807806,-8.316444444444445