Praia dos Careanos

This beach lies next to Vau in the stretch of coast that precedes Praia da Rocha and includes Careanos, Amado and Três Castelos, an expanse of sand that stretches for over a kilometre. This stretch of beach is backed by a continuous line of high cliffs in alternating tones of red and ochre, bearing witness to the different types of stone that make them up: sand and clay rocks that are soft and bright red in colour alternate with bio-calcarenite rocks that are lighter in colour and more resistant, and contain an abundance of sea fossils. To get to the sandy Careanos beach, you have to go down a steep staircase that appears to finish in the remains of a sinkhole. The beach is dotted with a succession of caves and rocky inlets. Of particular note, at the eastern end of the beach, are some large sinkholes and a rocky ledge reminiscent of a small fortress. Between Careanos and Amado, you can follow a properly tended trail along the cliff top, allowing you to enjoy the fabulous rocky landscapes along this part of the coast.

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Address: Portimão

Postal Code: 8500

County: Portimão

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Coordinates: 37.1191389,-8.554941666666668