Praia da Marinha

A huge, gentle staircase gives you access to a small bay. As you approach the line of the cliff, you will notice that the sands extend to the west. Warmly-coloured, very craggy and fissured limestone cliffs surround the beach, displaying a remarkable variety of curious rock formations, such as arches, caves, ledges and sinkholes. The diversity of marine habitats here is remarkable too. Rocky environments and fields of sea grass shelter colourful sea urchins and anemones, shoals of various types of bream, curious octopuses and cuttlefish and delicate seahorses. You can go snorkelling or scuba diving here, as there is an underwater trail that you can explore. Back on dry land, you will be charmed by the fields of orchids that bloom in spring and which you can see around the cliff-top picnic area. Or you can go for a delightful walk on the nature trail that runs along the line of cliffs between this beach and Vale Centeanes.

Additional Information

Address: Vale de Engenhos

Postal Code: 8400

County: Lagoa

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Coordinates: 37.0899083,-8.41168888888889