Praia do Molhe

This is a small beach that has formed around the eastern jetty on the River Arade. Access to the sands is from an elevated stopping point, down a steep stone staircase cut into the cliff face. The cliffs, with their markedly warm colours, are very cracked and craggy and countless boulders are visible on the sands, the remnants of past landslides. Huge bushes of saltwort and Mediterranean saltbush cover the rocky walls. These plants are especially adapted to the sea spray. As you head towards the inner estuary, you will see the tiny beach made by sand accumulating next to the jetty. The water is calm here. On the side of the jetty facing the sea, the beach is bigger and so are the waves; they often flow right over the jetty and the surfers, as they scour the horizon watching for waves.

Additional Information

Address: Ferragudo

Postal Code: 8400

County: Lagoa

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Coordinates: 37.1100056,-8.519652777777779