Praia de Albandeira

The narrow path to the beach winds its way through fields full of Mediterranean scrub, which is gradually taking over the old dry orchards where you can still smell the sweetish scent of carob. As you get closer to the sea, you will notice the exuberant coastal scrub consisting of juniper and other typical cliff plants such as samphire, saltwort, Mediterranean saltbush and the eye-catching gold coin daisies, forming a patch of green that surrounds the beach. The beach is small and is divided by a rocky outcrop that provides sheltered spots for beachgoers, as well as natural swimming pools. You will notice how the cliffs surrounding the beach have been eroded by the action of the sea beating against the rock, forming caves at the base of the cliffs. The typical karstic environment of this stretch of coast, with its caves, underground galleries and rocky platforms full of cavities, is a favourite refuge and breeding ground for a variety of wildlife, especially sea birds and bats.

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Address: Vale de Engenhos

Postal Code: 8400

County: Lagoa

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Coordinates: 37.0910667,-8.4002