Praia do Carvoeiro e Praia do Paraíso

Carvoeiro was once a fishing village and has now become a cosmopolitan tourist resort. It boasts a welcoming bay with calm waters. The cliffs around the beach form an amphitheatre, dotted with the brightly whitewashed village houses, taking advantage of the appearance that the passage of time has brought to the rocky wall to make this the municipality’s tourism hallmark. The brightly coloured fishing boats that share the sands with the beachgoers put to sea not only to catch fish but also to take tourists to visit the sea caves and unspoiled beaches that are inaccessible by land. The footpaths and viewpoints on the cliff tops afford excellent walking opportunities and magnificent panoramic views over the scenic cliffs and the ocean. Behind the beach, there is a sunny central square, an appealing spot for socialising and shopping. This is quite a busy beach with lots of entertainment. When you visit Carvoeiro, be bold: head up the road to Paraíso (Heaven) that runs along the cliff to the west and discover Praia do Paraíso, a small, shell-shaped beach nestling between the high cliffs. Access is via a long, narrow, winding staircase and you feel like you are entering a rocky pool where the damp air is heavily impregnated with salt.

Additional Information

Address: Carvoeiro

Postal Code: 8400

County: Lagoa

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Coordinates: 37.0963472,-8.471630555555556