Praia da Coelha

The footpath to Coelha Beach takes you alongside farmland, where you can see olive and carob trees that look like they must be a hundred years old. As you approach the sea, you begin to see exuberant coastal scrub consisting of juniper, Kermes oak, mastic trees and dwarf fan palms (Europe’s only native palm tree), which surround a stopping point about 100 metres from the beach. Once on the beach, you will notice a small bay, sheltered by high rock walls, with Alto da Coelha off to the east. A variety of marine fossils can be seen in the warmly-coloured cliffs, as well as caves and galleries that have been carved out of the limestone rock by the erosive effect of fresh and salt water. Here, too, you can enjoy delightful walks along the cliff tops. The area around the beach retains its abundant, original vegetation and the rock formations, sculpted by the elements and the passage of time, are fascinating. You can use the wooden staircase leading up from the beach’s support facilities to get to the cliffs at the western end of the sands, but you are advised to exercise caution and keep a safe distance from the edge of the cliffs.

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Address: Evaristo

Postal Code: 8200

County: Albufeira

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