Praia do Pintadinho

This is the municipality of Lagoa’s first maritime beach after the mouth of the Arade. The sands stretch to the north of Ponta do Alrtar, a long, narrow point where a lighthouse was built. The rich scrubland of the Algarve’s Barrocal reaches right up to the coastline here, mingling with the typical vegetation of the cliffs exposed to the sea winds. This means that the beach is framed by a dense patch of vegetation: mastic trees, thyme, myrtle, dwarf fan palms, Spanish broom, white-leaved rockrose and cistus, grow enveloped by a tangle of lianas. A variety of marine fossils can be seen in the warmly-coloured cliff walls, as well as some remarkable shapes and forms, such as the caves that are visible at the base of Ponta do Altar, caused by the sea eroding the limestone. Especially worthy of note is the huge dome with two arches that delimits the beach at its northernmost boundary. The beach faces west and from it you can see the sands at Pintadinho and the mouth of the River Arade, outlined by its jetties and backed by the marina and the city of Portimão.

Additional Information

Address: Ferragudo

Postal Code: 8400

County: Lagoa

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Coordinates: 37.1078278,-8.518441666666668