Praia Grande e Praia da Angrinha

These beaches are located right in the River Arade estuary, next to Ferragudo. The access to the sands is aligned with the opening of the big jetties on the Arade and you can see an array of masts and white triangles next to western jetty in Portimão Marina. The spacious sands are framed by a line of very craggy cliffs where you can see galleries and caves. The rocky walls are covered in lots of vegetation, especially plants that have adapted to the sea spray, such as saltwort and Mediterranean saltbush, or typical dune plants such as Cretan trefoil, which colonise the little rocky cavities where sand accumulates. A walkway crosses a large part of the beach, and there are tourist facilities alongside it. Although very popular, there are some quieter sections towards to the south, where a green patch, signalling a pine grove, stands out against the warm colour of the cliff.
To the north of the S. João do Arade Fortress that, together with the Santa Catarina Fortress on the other bank of the river, once defended the estuary, you will find Angrinha Beach, its configuration changing at the whim of the stream which flows on to it. This is a little beach lying at the base of Ferragudo, a traditional fishing village whose white verandas hunch over the east bank of the River Arade.

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Address: Ferragudi

Postal Code: 8400

County: Lagoa

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Coordinates: 37.1175611,-8.521411111111112