Section 20 - Central Portugal

Nazaré / Praia da Vieira

Section 22 starts in Nazaré  and stretches for 39 kilometers along the coastline, with many beautiful beaches, ending in the charming town of S. Pedro de Moel. Here, you’ll find a lovely beach surrounded by an elegant and aristocratic array of houses, nestled between the pine forest and the sea. It’s also a perfect place for picnics and walks along trails that blend the beauty of the sea, forest, and beach with serene forests, fountains, streams, and creeks. To the north of the town is Penedo da Saudade, a high cliff with a lighthouse.

Venturing slightly off the conventional path, you’ll discover Marinha Grande, a town surrounded by the Leiria pine forest. It has a rich natural, cultural, and industrial heritage, especially in the glass industry. The Glass Museum is worth a visit to see impressive collections of art spanning two centuries and learn about the manufacturing process.

Resuming your journey, shortly after passing Penedo da Saudade, the landscape unveils its character with cliffs, sandbanks, dunes, and the vast expanse of the ocean, guiding you to Praia da Vieira, where this scenic section concludes.

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  • The Museum is housed in the palace that was once the residence of William Stephens. It is an elegant 18th-century building, neoclassical in inspiration and delightfully set in English-style gardens. The entrance to the palace is through an...

  • This mid-19th century palace was once the home of the family of José dos Santos Barosa, whose factory opened in 1911. The building houses the estate of the sculptor Joaquim Correia.

    Born into a family of glassmakers in Marinha Grande in...

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Section 20

Nazaré / Praia da Vieira: 39

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