Vidro da Marinha Grande Museum

The Museum is housed in the palace that was once the residence of William Stephens. It is an elegant 18th-century building, neoclassical in inspiration and delightfully set in English-style gardens. The entrance to the palace is through an 18th-century iron gate where you can still see the bell that once summoned the workers to the factory.

The collection consists of artistic glass windows dating back to the time of the factory’s foundation, admirable collections of drinking glasses, jars, vases and other polished crystal glass pieces, as well as articles originating from various national centres of production, made between the 17th and 20th century. Set in an appropriately scenic environment, there are also recreations of a factory space and a small domestic glass-blower’s workshop, displaying the various objects relating to glassmaking.

In the different rooms, you can also see paintings, furniture, documents, books and other objects linked to the history of glass in Portugal.


Coordinates: 39.749687081202865,-8.93324414268136