Section 19 - Central Portugal

Foz do Arelho / Nazaré

Section 21 begins at Foz do Arelho, a coastal spot with a beach next to the Óbidos Lagoon, and an ideal starting point for your journey along the Atlantic coast. The route takes you through Serra do Bouro, with a noteworthy stop at the Atlantic Viewpoint, before reaching Salir do Porto.

In Salir do Porto, you can explore the ruins of the Chapel of Senhora de Sant’Ana. Additionally, the renowned beach of Salir do Porto beckons with its impressive 50-meter-high dune, proudly holding the title of Portugal’s tallest dune. Nearby, the freshwater spring called Pocinha offers its own charm.

Next, you’ll reach São Martinho do Porto, a picturesque village nestled alongside a bay shaped like a delicate shell, through which the Tornada River flows. Embracing the bay is the exquisite São Martinho do Porto Beach. Within this village, a visit to Santo António hill is a must. The hill treats you to an enchanting panorama and is home to the Lighthouse and the Cruise. On the outer cliffs safeguarding the bay, Gralha Beach awaits; to its north lies Salgado Beach, a favored spot for paragliding and hang gliding. Following this, South Beach is perfect for those enthusiastic about surfing and bodyboarding.

As you approach the ende of this section, you’ll arrive at Nazaré Beach, a captivating cove sheltered to the north by a headland and to the south by the protective harbor pier. In the summer, the beach comes alive with vibrant hues, attracting visitors, tourists, and vacationers alike. The expansive sandy stretch is a stage for observing local fishermen and fishmongers donning their traditional attire, known as the “seven skirts.” Thanks to Nazaré’s distinctive wave characteristics, it has become a sought-after haven for surfers and bodyboarders.

To fully absorb the breathtaking landscape, a journey upward to Sítio da Nazaré is highly recommended. Perched atop the promontory, you can conveniently ascend using the Ascensor, an inclined lift, and wander through the narrow streets that intersect the sea. At the summit, you’ll encounter the Hermitage of Memory (Memory Chapel) and the Suberco Viewpoint. These attractions can be explored after parking your bike at one of the several accommodations near the Nazaré Bullring.

Before moving on, visit Praia Nova and stop at Fort of S. Miguel Arcanjo, home to the Nazaré Lighthouse. To the north of the Fort is Praia do Norte, influenced by the famed “Nazaré Cannon” phenomenon, which produces waves of extraordinary size, attracting extreme wave sports enthusiasts. In fact, Praia do Norte has gained global recognition as the stage for the largest wave ever surfed. The most recent record was set by German surfer Sebastian Steudtner on October 29, 2020, riding a colossal wave towering at 26.21 meters in height.

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