Section 11 - Alentejo

Sines / Melides

Section 11 takes you through the Alentejo region, starting in Sines and heading towards Melides. Along the way, you’ll encounter Santo André and Sancha Lagoons, which together form the Santo André and Sancha Lagoons Nature Reserve.

This protected area recognizes the ecological importance of these wetlands and the surrounding landscapes, including the dunes that separate them from the ocean and the nearby coastal zone.

The mix of freshwater and brackish waters in this area supports the diverse aquatic and the riparian ecosystems, including saltmarshes, willow groves, reed beds, heathlands, and wet grasslands.

These natural conditions attract a wide variety of bird species, especially in late summer and early autumn when other areas are dry. The Reserve, known for its exceptional natural beauty, offers opportunities for activities like hiking, canoeing, windsurfing, or simply relaxing and sunbathing on the spacious beaches of Costa de Santo André Beach and Fonte do Cortiço Beach, which are conveniently nearby. You can plan your visit on this website.

Continuing northward, you’ll reach the picturesque Melides Beach. After a refreshing swim, head to the village of Melides, a typical Alentejo town with white houses and peaceful streets, perfect for exploring.

In terms of cultural and architectural heritage, there are notable archaeological remains from various historical periods. This includes the Pedra Branca Dolmen in Herdade do Montum, Vale Figueira, which is classified as a site of Public Interest. Additionally, the Necropolis of Cistas das Casas Velhas in Herdade das Casas Velhas in Vale Figueira also holds the status of a property of Public Interest.


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Points of Interest

Heritage: 12
  • Standing on a hill overlooking the town, the castle is notable for its cubic turrets and crenellated barbican which encircles the castle walls. Adjacent to the castle is the parish church founded in the 13C by the knights of the Order of Santiago....

  • Sines Castle
    The surviving remains of the original mediaeval structure of Sines Castle include the walls crowned by battlements and the keep. The walls include Visigoth architectural elements that formed part of a church built before the seventh...

  • A very important Carmelite sanctuary, especially for inhabitants of Santiago do Cacém and of Santo André. The sanctuary serves as a place of meditation and other spiritual activities.

    The interior includes a statue of Nossa Senhora da...

  • Gothic church from the 13th c., modified in the 16th c. in manueline style.

  • Photo:

  • Church of Nossa Senhora das Salas
    The Church of Nossa Senhora das Salas is an extremely popular centre of devotion to the Virgin Mary, in particular amongst fishermen. The chapel was commissioned by Vasco da Gama, who was born in Sines, close to...

  • Photo:

  • Photo:

  • Amongst the museum's collections, attention is drawn to its displays of numismatics and archaeology, the latter depicting the human occupation of the region since the Upper Palaeolithic era.

    In the ethnographic collection, attention is drawn...

  • On the southern coast is the extensive, but sheltered bay of Sines, and perched above it lies the town with its mediaeval castle.

    The marina, situated close to the small Atlantic beach has 230 berths. Besides the usual facilities (reception,...

  • Roman ruins of Miróbriga
    Fortified settlement dating from the End of the Bronze Age and Iron Age. A city was built on the site during the Roman era. Visitors can see the remains of temples, a commercial zone, thermal baths, pavements, a...

Nature: 4
  • Journey into this park that has over 200 animals. The thrill of the Wild awaits you.

    Buffaloes, lamas, wild boars, ostriches, giraffes, tigers, kangaroos, emus, zebras, yaks, stags, deer, from the four corners of the world, have all...

  • Photo:

  • Photo:

  • Located in the Alentejo, the  Lagoas de Santo André and Sancha Natural Reserve occupies a 15km-wide coastal sector inland from the shoreline, in the municipalities of Sines and Santiago do Cacém.The Natural Reserve consists of the Lagoa de...

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