Badoca Park

Journey into this park that has over 200 animals. The thrill of the Wild awaits you.

Buffaloes, lamas, wild boars, ostriches, giraffes, tigers, kangaroos, emus, zebras, yaks, stags, deer, from the four corners of the world, have all adapted to the Portuguese climate. The Park’s principal attraction are jeep rides that proceed through the forest areas and open clearings, and allow you to observe animals that you’ve never seen before and get to know and appreciate animal life in complete freedom and harmony.

The ride lasts around 30 minutes, accompanied by guides who provide a description of the various species, their history, habits, feeding habits and origins. Rides are carried out on a first come-first served basis and prior booking is unnecessary.

Badoca also includes a zoo, pedagogical farm, children’s playground and restaurant.

Coordinates: 38.041045,-8.743128