Section 10 - Alentejo

Vila Nova de Milfontes / Sines

Section 10 begins and ends within the Alentejo region. Starting in Vila Nova de Milfontes, you will be treated to a mesmerizing panorama that flawlessly blends the river and sea, giving rise to beautiful scenery. Take some time to explore the exquisite beaches, the St. Clement’s Fort, the fishing port “Portinho do Canal” or to take a walk near the Mira River, where you can marvel at an exceptional and harmonious ecosystem.

On your way to Porto Covo, you’ll be captivated by the typical Alentejo scenery, especially in spring when you’ll see vast fields of yellow lupins and bright red and yellow poppies in full bloom.

A major highlight is the breathtaking Pessegueiro Island with its ancient fortress. This island has a history of being a refuge for pirates. Local legend tells the story of North African pirates who encountered a determined hermit defending the chapel on the island, preventing his own capture.

Porto Covo is a must-visit, a charming fishing village with small white houses that were carefully restored after the 1755 earthquake. Enjoy a delicious meal of freshly grilled fish or seafood, and then explore the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Queimada.

As you continue toward Sines, you’ll come across many secluded and rugged beaches along the coastline. When you reach Sines, take the opportunity to explore its beautiful bay.

A segment of this route is encompassed by the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, extending from Vila Nova de Milfontes to São Torpes.



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Heritage: 8
  • Sines Castle
    The surviving remains of the original mediaeval structure of Sines Castle include the walls crowned by battlements and the keep. The walls include Visigoth architectural elements that formed part of a church built before the seventh...

  • The classification of this monument includes the Forte da Ilha de Dentro situated on the island. In the ruins of the mainland fortress there are two ramparts and the moat, as well as a barracks and chapel in the main section.

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  • Church of Nossa Senhora das Salas
    The Church of Nossa Senhora das Salas is an extremely popular centre of devotion to the Virgin Mary, in particular amongst fishermen. The chapel was commissioned by Vasco da Gama, who was born in Sines, close to...

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  • On the southern coast is the extensive, but sheltered bay of Sines, and perched above it lies the town with its mediaeval castle.

    The marina, situated close to the small Atlantic beach has 230 berths. Besides the usual facilities (reception,...

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Section 10

Vila Nova de Milfontes / Sines: 33

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