Praia do Tonel

Although less sheltered than Beliche, this beach is still located within the bay bounded by Sagres Point and Cape St. Vincent. From the beach, you can see the sharp, upright lines of the steep slope of Sagres Point. Sagres Fortress is also visible, a 16th century construction containing a 14th century chapel said to have sheltered the tomb of St. Vincent. And Cape St. Vincent and its lighthouse can also be seen at the far opposite end of the bay. Pedestrian access to the beach is down a wide ramp carved into the warmly-coloured cliff. As you go down, you can see sharply-marked ravines carved out by rainwater run-off. The sands stretch out in a southerly direction and you can admire the outline of the limestone cliff and the sea-spray-resistant vegetation growing on it, such as samphire and Mediterranean saltbush.

Additional Information

Address: Sagres

Postal Code: 8650

County: Vila do Bispo

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Coordinates: 37.0072056,-8.948041666666667