Praia do Telheiro

Despite being relatively sheltered from the cold north wind, this is a quiet beach because access is via a steep trail that descends through the tiered limestone cliff to the sand. The surrounding area mostly comprises farmland and pasture, and birds of prey, especially falcons, can often be spotted hunting for food. This is the westernmost beach before you come to Cape St. Vincent and the beauty and diversity of its rock formations can come as a surprise. Their existence is probably connected to the fact that this is where the dark schist massif that rises along the west coast (an ancient mountain range, very rugged and deformed) meets with the southern sedimentary coast, made up of orangey sandstone, reddish Silves sandstone and light-coloured limestone, carved into whimsical shapes. A variety of aromatic plants grow on the limestone tiers of the cliff, and next to the stream that flows on to the beach you can see lush vegetation, including tamarisk and reeds.

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Address: Sagres

Postal Code: 8650

County: Vila do Bispo

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Coordinates: 37.0459028,-8.9789