Praia Verde

True to its name, this beach is surrounded by a stone pine forest growing down the gentle hills to the sands. Chameleons can be seen ambling leisurely around the woods. The pines have a curious mushroom shape and the undergrowth is rich and dense throughout the entire forest. There are fabulous panoramic views over the sandy coast from the car park serving the beach. This is located inside the tourist complex surrounding the beach. To get down to the sands, you follow a path paved in Portuguese crazy paving lined by tall retamal bushes, typical of the sandy eastern Algarve. Once on the beach, you will see delicate plants such as beach grass, eye-catching sea daffodils and aromatic curry plants. An old well on the beach, a remnant from a time when the sea did not come so far inland, grows and shrinks to the rhythm of the sea washing the sands in and out. The atmosphere is hot, bright and dry, and the sea is calm and warm.

Additional Information

Address: Aldeia Nova

Postal Code: 8950

County: Castro Marim

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Coordinates: 37.1738889,-7.480375