Praia dos Estudantes

The cliffs are a bit lower at this beach and are covered with reeds, indicating the existence of fresh water. Typical cliff plants are abundant too, especially saltwort, Mediterranean saltbush and shrubby sea-blite, species adapted to the sea spray and which also thrive in the saline soils of the marshes. The beach is sheltered by rock formations that extend into the sea, keeping it calm for bathing. Tunnels have been dug through these cliffs by hand; one of them, to the south, gives access to a small bay where a curious arch-shaped passage has been built to connect a rocky ledge to the shore; and another, to the north, connects Praia dos Estudantes do the neighbouring Praia da Batata. The southern tunnel has been severely eroded by the sea and you can see characteristic intertidal organisms such as mussels, limpets, barnacles, whelks, anemones, prawns and colourful seaweed. The atmosphere inside the tunnels is damp and salt-laden, and there is a very strong smell of the sea air.

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