Praia Dona Ana

Before you start heading down to the beach, it is worth spending a moment at the small viewpoint to admire the view of coastline and the curious rock formations – rocky ledges, sinkholes and caves – that have been carved out by the fresh and salt water. You will see countless white dots gleaming on the scattered rocky ledges along the horizon: herring gulls, herons and black-headed gulls, perching on these platforms overlooking the sea. Plants that are especially adapted to sea spray, such as saltwort and Mediterranean saltbush, line the rocky walls. D. Ana Beach is divided into a number of sandy inlets due to the outline of the cliff, offering sheltered spots for bathers. In the sea itself, a snorkelling expedition will allow you to discover a world of different colours: seaweed, anemones, starfish, sea urchins, prawns and shoals of little fish inhabit the submersed rocks. D. Ana is a well-known and very popular beach and has already been considered as one of the best in the world by the specialist press.

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Address: Lagos

Postal Code: 8600

County: Lagos

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Coordinates: 37.0917417,-8.669319444444444