Praia do Martinhal e Praia dos Rebolinhos

Martinhal Beach lies to the east of the town of Sagres and, while it still benefits to some extent from the shelter afforded by Baleeira Point, it can be quite windy when the north wind blows through the wide valley in front of the beach. The waters, however, are calm and inviting for windsurfing and diving. Underwater visits to the scenic, limestone islets just off the shore are popular; they are renowned for their underwater caves and marine life. The beach is mostly sandy, with high dunes in the centre and marshland vegetation extending back into the valley. Only to east do the cliffs once again mark the landscape. The ruins of an important Roman pottery centre can be found here and, on the islets, vestiges of fish-salting tanks.
To the east of Martinhal, lies a small, deserted stretch of sand that can be accessed on foot through the Urbanização do Martinhal development. This is Rebolinhos Beach. Its name is derived from the so-called “rebolinhos”, which are the pebbles that cover it.

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Address: Sagres

Postal Code: 8650

County: Vila do Bispo

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Coordinates: 37.0191,-8.926699999999999