Praia do Camilo

The open-air seating area on the cliff top affords a fabulous panoramic view over the coastline between Lagos and Albufeira and a sweeping perspective of the ocean dotted with the white triangles of yachts. A long wooden staircase leads down to the beach through an area of scrub containing plants typical of the Algarve’s Barrocal: Kermes oak, mastic trees, cistus and white-leaved rockrose. The plants growing on the cliff face, which is more exposed to the sea, are are mostly species that are well adapted to sea spray, particularly Mediterranean saltbush and saltwort. A huge rock formation divides the beach; you can cross it through a narrow, damp tunnel that was dug out by hand. The rich ochre tones and the lacy appearance of the craggy calcarenite cliffs are impressive both here and on the rock formations that delimit Camilo Beach. The relief is typical of karstic formations, consisting of rocky ledges, arches and caves. The platforms on the rocky ledges, inaccessible to predators, attract countless sea birds, and you will often see great cormorants, herring gulls and black-headed gulls.

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Address: Lagos

Postal Code: 8600

County: Lagos

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Coordinates: 37.087325,-8.668663888888888