Praia do Cabeço

As you set off along the path to the beach, you cut through a tourist complex where you can still see signs of the old rural landscape. The cork oaks and olive trees gradually give way to the dune pines typical of the coast. The stone pines form a dense forest and growing alongside them you will find strawberry trees, mastic trees, wild asparagus and aromatic plants such as curry plants and rosemary. The shade and deep green of the vegetation are comforting. If you look closely, you may be able to spot indolent chameleons and birds with a curious crest reminiscent of a giant butterfly. Close to the beach, the scenery is dominated by dune fields with maritime pines and the typical bridal veil broom growing on them, while on the crests of the dunes closest to the sea, you will see beach grass. Next to the beach’s eastern walkway, there is an entrance to a stretch of the coastline “ecovia” (cycle route) that goes all the way to Monte Gordo. The beach is vast and peaceful and the waters are safe and warm.

Additional Information

Address: Aldeia Nova

Postal Code: 8950

County: Castro Marim

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Coordinates: 37.1756028,-7.4706166666666665