Praia da Terra Estreita (St.ª Luzia)

To the east of Barril, Tavira Island narrows until it becomes just a strip of sand no more than 250 m in width. This is called Terra Estreita (Narrow Land) Beach or, alternatively, Santa Luzia Beach, since this picturesque fishing is where the boat to the beach leaves from. The beach is huge, and more deserted than the neighbouring Barril and Tavira Island beaches, giving you peace and solitude. When you get to the beach you can admire the eye-catching sea daffodils and enjoy a dip in the warm waters of the sea. Often, during the summer months, the coastal waters are full of green seaweed, giving you the curious sensation of swimming in a kind of warm soup. Back in Santa Luzia, the seafront avenue offers a range of restaurants and eateries where you can enjoy the best of the estuary’s seafood and typical dishes such as tuna estupeta (raw tuna with tomatoes, peppers and seasoning).

Additional Information

Address: Santa Luzia

Postal Code: 8800

County: Tavira

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Coordinates: 37.0979528,-7.641005555555555