Praia da Figueira

At Figueira, cars have to park about 800 metres from the beach and pedestrian access is along a narrow trail through one of the prettiest valleys along this coast. The verdant slopes, covered in Mediterranean scrub and pine groves are punctuated by imposing limestone rock formations in which caves can be seen. Orchards consisting mainly of fig and olive trees, populated by an abundance of birds feeding on the fruit, can be seen along the strip of flat land beside the small stream. The beach is very peaceful and is somewhat reminiscent of the end of the world, possibly because of the absence of vehicles. The beach is bounded by very curiously-shaped, warmly-coloured cliffs and to the east you will spot the ruins of a 16th century fortification. Here, too, the pebbles are used by beachgoers to build semi-circular shelters that serve as windbreaks. This is a quiet beach that not many people go to.

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Address: Budens

Postal Code: 8650

County: Vila do Bispo

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Coordinates: 37.0613111,-8.839558333333335