Praia da Balança e Praia da Boneca

These small sandy bays lie at the eastern side of the very craggy Ponta da Piedade promontory. The relief here is remarkably diverse as a result of the effects of erosion on the carbonate rocks: rocky ledges, sinkholes, arches, caves and many rocky inlets. This part of the coastline is known as the Costa de Ouro or Golden Coast due to the intense ochre tone of the cliffs. Boat trips set off from the bay next to the Ponta da Piedade lighthouse and from Lagos, giving you the opportunity to admire the outline of the coast and reach some of the sandy beaches nestling at the foot of the high, craggy cliffs. The rock formations close to these beaches take on all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes (like a set of kitchen scales or the body of a woman), as a result of which the beaches have been given names such as Balança (Scales) and Boneca (Doll). There are countless marine fossils in the cliffs above the beaches, and many large Mediterranean saltbush plants, which are well-adapted to the sea spray. A snorkelling outing in these tranquil bays offers a different, surprising and very colourful view of the marine environment.

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