Praia da Alagoa (Altura)

The village of Altura, essentially a summer holiday resort, stands alongside the long sandy beach and its wide line of dunes. Raised walkways lead to various parts of the sands, and give you the opportunity (especially on the western walkway) to observe how the dune vegetation changes from the inland edge of the dunes to the side facing the sea. On the inland side, the vegetation makes the dunes appear taller. The typical bushes of bridal veil broom provide some shade and cut the glare of the hot, bright summer sun. Next to the sea, where the dunes are higher, there is an abundance of European beach grass, sea holly, fluffy cottonweed and eye-catching beach daffodils. The beach is vast, stretching for as far as the eye can see, and the sea is calm and warm. There are facilities for a variety of beach activities including a sports area and water sports. If you look over to the east, you will see the greenery around the beach becoming denser and you can glimpse the resort of Monte Gordo through the coastal pines.

Additional Information

Address: Altura

Postal Code: 8950

County: Castro Marim

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Coordinates: 37.1699528,-7.4979861111111115