Praia da Ponta Ruiva

The beach owes its name to a huge reddish rock sticking up out of the sea at the southernmost end of the beach, next to which a wave forms that is well-known to surfers. The reddish tones of this rock formation contrast strongly with the black of the schist cliffs surrounding the beach. Pedestrian access to the beach is along a trail of medium difficulty that descends the cliff at a spot where the slopes are not so steep. Despite being popular with surfers, the beach remains peaceful and almost devoid of people. There is an intense scent of rockrose, and you will see endemic juniper scrub, blown flat by persistent, strong winds. The plants growing closer to the beach, such as samphire, are resistant to sea spray. In the rainy months, a small stream cuts its way through the rocky wall of the cliff and on to the beach. On the way to the beach, you will often see African stonechats perched on the upper branches of the bushes, and birds of prey, especially falcons.

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Address: Sagres

Postal Code: 8650

County: Vila do Bispo

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Coordinates: 37.0676361,-8.964905555555555