Meia Praia

The beach at Meia Praia follows the ample bay of Lagos, starting next to the northern jetty on the Bensafrim Stream and stretching for over 5 km to the western jetty on the Ria de Alvor. To the west, the city of Lagos and the Ponta da Piedade, stretching into the sea, are still visible. The horizon opens out here, between the ample line of the ocean, the low dunes on the beach and the gentle, verdant hills that stretch back inland, covered in pine groves and barrocal scrubland, and punctuated by carob and olive trees. A network of raised walkways criss-crosses the dunes, protecting the vegetation, which is very thick at the seashore and which includes plants such as sand couch-grass, European beach grass, sea holly, Cretan trefoil and sea daffodils. This being the municipality’s only essentially sandy beach, and also due to its size, water and beach sports are very popular here and include windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, beach volleyball, beach soccer and more. And a good bit out to sea, you can try your hand at deep-sea fishing.

Additional Information

Address: Lagos

Postal Code: 8600

County: Lagos

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Coordinates: 37.1106944,-8.659675