Ilha Deserta (Barreta)

Access is by sea and it is always enjoyable to cross the labyrinths of sea and silt in the Ria Formosa. While the boat makes its way through channels and marshlands, keep an eye out for the various birds that come here to feed. Once on the beach, the sands appear to stretch out forever. Altogether, counting both the beach on the sea side and the one on the estuary, you have about 10 km of silence to enjoy. This part of the Ria Formosa is completely uninhabited. The only buildings are the ones used to provide support for beachgoers and a few storage huts. The line of dunes is still able to maintain its original vegetation and its capacity to provide shelter for wildlife, especially birds, which can nest here in safety, far from natural predators. Starting from the quay, you can go for a walk along the inland side of the line of dunes (on the estuary side), and then cross over it to get to the beach, a total distance of about 3 km. To the east, the island widens out a bit and Santa Maria Cape is the southernmost tip of Mainland Portugal.

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Address: Faro

Postal Code: 8000

County: Faro

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Coordinates: 36.9648944,-7.872933333333334