Praia do Castelejo

The road to the beach is winding and follows a deep valley through which a torrential stream twists and turns until it reaches the beach, forming a small patch of damp grass.
The verdant slopes are covered with Mediterranean scrub, dotted with stone pines. The cliffs here are tall and dark; Torre de Aspa (a former watchtower) on the cliff to the south stands over 150 m high.
To the north, Pedra da Laje is a series of rocks that, offshore, form famous fishing grounds and, closer to the beach, afford the opportunity to observe intertidal marine life as well as offering calm rock pools for children to bathe in. Undulating dune fields cover the schist cliffs to the north.
This is a busy beach in comparison to Barriga and Cordoama, and is a favourite with surfers and bodyboarders. Occasionally, it is covered over by pebbles, which make a cavernous sound as they are rolled around by the waves.

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Address: Vila do Bispo

Postal Code: 8651

County: Vila do Bispo

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Coordinates: 37.0998306,-8.945216666666667