Praia da Barriga

Barriga Beach appears before your eyes as you come out of a tight bend on the road, on the final stretch of a wide, green valley. To reach the beach, you have to cross natural lawns that stretch from the mouth of a small stream and the dunes that surround it. This large beach, sheltered by tall, dark cliffs, is part of a continuous stretch of sand that runs all the way to Castelejo, some 3 km distant. As you walk south at low tide, you can reach Castelejo Beach by way of Cordoama and observe the rocky cliff walls with their tortuous and deformed layers, bearing witness to the incredible forces to which these rocks have been subjected. On the cliffs, the low-lying vegetation resistant to the sea spray and strong winds replaces the groves of young pine trees that line the access to the beach. This is a very peaceful beach with interesting rock formations at the tideline and lots of nooks and crannies carved into the cliffs.

Additional Information

Address: Vilad do Bospo

Postal Code: 8651

County: Vila do Bispo

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Coordinates: 37.1187167,-8.929655555555556