Section 25 - Porto and the North

Aveiro - Ovar

Section 28 begins in São Jacinto, Aveiro, providing the opportunity to appreciate the Natural Reserve of the Dunes of São Jacinto. Situated at the peninsula’s tip that extends between São Jacinto village and Ovar, this reserve is embraced by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and cradled by one of the arms of the Ria de Aveiro on the other.

As you follow the route along the Ria de Aveiro towards Ovar, you’ll come across Muranzel Beach (about 8 kilometers), which became known aftet a cargo ship named Merle grounded there in 2013.

A noteworthy stop is Torreira, a municipality within Murtosa renowned for boasting the highest bicycle usage in Portugal. Here, enjou the beauty of Torreira Beach, which stretches for about 25 kilometers from São Jacinto to the south to Furadouro in the north. This beach upholds the tradition of artisanal fishing, where colorful boats rhythmically come and go.

To cross to ther other side of the Ria de Aveiro, use Varela Bridge. Along the way you’ll encounter several emblematic streams integral to the Great Route of the Ria de Aveiro. Journeying through Cais do Mancão, proceed to  Ribeira do Martinho, journeying past Ribeira das Bulhas, Ribeira da Tabuada, Ribeira do Nacinho, and Ribeira do Mourão.

Continuing on, your path takes you to Sargassal. Only 5 kilometres separate you from Ovar, where this section ends.



Visit Portugal; Comunidade Intermunicipal da Região de Aveiro; Município de Murtosa

Points of Interest

Heritage: 8
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  • One of the oldest churches in Aveiro, this was the headquarters of the ancient and quite sizeable brotherhood of fishermen, responsible for the first fishing trips to Newfoundland in 1501 or thereabouts.

    There are some well-preserved...

  • This small chapel, begun in 1722, is one of the most interesting monuments in Aveiro. It is composed of two parts: the octagonal nave and the rectangular chancel. Three beautiful and highly decorated portals can be seen on the outside. The pediments...

  • Convent of Jesus in Aveiro
    The current façade of the convent dates from the 18th century and includes three doorways with beautiful frontons, bearing the royal coat of arms on the central fronton. The building preserves several former convent...

  • Photo:

  • This church is all that has survived from the convent founded between 1613 and 1620. In front of the churchyard is a wall decorated with baroque motifs, whilst the blazon of the Carmelite nuns can be seen above the door.

    The interior is of...

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Nature: 1
  • Scenery that remains undecided between land and sea, composed of sandy beaches, marshland, freshwater and saltwater, and home to many valuable species. You are guaranteed an unforgettable visit.

    The reserve is located at the southernmost...

Beach: 9 Information: 1 Bike Shops: 4 Accommodation - Campsite: 4 Accommodation - Youth Hostels: 1 Transport - Boat: 2

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Section 25

Aveiro - Ovar: 39

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