Section 23 - Central Portugal

Figueira da Foz / Praia de Mira

Section 25 begins in Figueira da Foz, a city strategically positioned alongside the verdant Mondego River estuary and with great historical and cultural importance, like the Santa Catarina Fort and Chapel and the Buarcos Fortress.

Continuing along the coast, be sure to visit Cape Mondego Lighthouse and Bandeira Viewpoint. From this elevated point, at 250 meters above sea level, you’ll get stunning  views of the beaches extending from Cape Mondego to Mira. This viewpoint derives its name from its historical role as an ocean lookout. In times when pirates or unknown vessels were spotted in the southern vicinity of Cape Mondego, a flag would be raised here as a warning to all ports north of Serra da Boa Viagem.

Take a break at Quiabos Beach and apreciate the sea and the majestic mountain range that overlooks the coast. This area also has spots for naturists to sunbathe peacefully.

Next, the journey takes you inland to a protected area. You’ll find the 5 Bom Sucesso Lagoons, with Vela Lagoon standing as one of the most frequented. Adjacent to the Dune of Quiaios National Forest, this lagoon boasts an extensive walkway since 2020, surrounded by green fields an pine forests. There’s a picnic area to relax and a spot to observe the diverse bird species inhabiting and breeding in the vicinity. Spanning a length of 2 kilometers, the lagoon harbors a vibrant aquatic fauna, including numerous species of wintering ducks that offer delightful sightings.

At the end of your journey, refocus on the coastline to reach your final destination: Mira Beach. Stretching along an unspoilt stretch of pristine white sand coastline, this beach invites you to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

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Município da Figueira da Foz

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  • Open to the public since May 29, 2003, this small museum unit, located in the village of Buarcos, aims to recover and disseminate some of the major historical memories of the fishing practices most used by shoreline communities of Figueira da Foz...

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