Sintra Museum Klaus Ohnsmann

This museum is dedicated to works by the German-born painter Klaus Ohnsmann. Even though he is German, a large part of his extensive curriculum was made in Spain. Having won almost a hundred national and internacional prizes, Klaus Ohnsmann shows his realistic works at a space in Sintra, which reflect his 20-year-long career, and are the result of his passio-nate artistic research.

With Sintra as his theme, he has held many exhibitions in Spain, Germany, and Portugal. With his artistic production centred on Sintra, he has converted the museum into a live space, where works are continuously renewed. The painter´s idea was to create a museum where visitors can see Sintra through the eyes of an artist.

In the museum´s garden,there is a cafeteria,as well as the painter´s studio,which is open to the public.


Coordinates: 38.795962,-9.390022