São Pedro de Penaferrim Church

The Igreja de São Pedro de Penaferrim was rebuilt in the 16th century at the orders of Dom Álvaro de Castro on the site of a mediaeval church.

Consisting of just one single nave, the church is well worth visiting for the blue and white azulejo covering of its walls, dating from the first half of the 18th century, produced by the Lisbon Workshop and depicting scenes from the life of St. Peter, the 15th-century Gothic sculpture of St. Peter and a late 17th-century Portuguese-Oriental figure of Christ carved out of ivory.

The baroque doorway bears the coat of arms of Archbishop Dom Tomás de Almeida, who commissioned most of the works that were to enrich the decoration of the Igreja de São Pedro.

Photo: www.sintraromantica.net

Coordinates: 38.791587,-9.380844