Praia Fluvial de Alcoutim

This river beach, set in the heart of the north-eastern Algarve countryside, has formed at a pretty pool in the Cadavais Stream, one of the River Guadiana’s tributaries. Light-coloured sand, unusual for a riverside setting such as this, was brought here from the coast. The beach also offers sports areas and a picnic ground, set in gardens where poplars, oleander, lavender and exuberant flower beds of roses stand out. The banks of the pool are covered in reeds and the occasional fruit tree. The leisure facilities at the beach and the calm peaceful waters of the pool, with temperatures reaching 30o in the summer, attract increasing numbers of visitors to this river beach. Throughout the dry season, and as a result of evaporation, the water plane may suffer variations. The quality of the water, however, usually remains good throughout the summer holiday season. This is a very tranquil, rural setting, where the chirping of the birds and the sounds of the bells worn by the animals provide a kind of background music.

Additional Information

Address: Alcoutim

Postal Code: 8970

County: Alcoutim

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Coordinates: 37.4720556,-7.476769444444445