Praia do Barranco das Belharucas

From this beach on, the deeply-eroded limestone coastline of the western Algarve gives way to gentle cliffs of sand and clay, which stretch eastwards to the municipality of Loulé. The best way to get to the beach is on foot, not only because it is a very pleasant walk but also because the dirt track may not be in a suitable condition for vehicles. The trail winds its way through a deep gully with abundant leafy vegetation growing alongside. The rocky slopes are deeply grooved due to rainwater runoff, creating a variety of elegantly sculpted shapes. The vegetation, mostly stone pines and typical coastal scrub plants such as juniper, sometimes grow precariously perched on the edge of small abysses caused by landslides, their tangled roots exposed to the air. Many birds take advantage of the woods and some dig shelters and nests in the rock face. The colourful European bee eaters, after which the beach is named, is one such. The beach is large and the sands stretch as far as the eye can see, interrupted only by Vilamoura Marina, about 5.
5 km to the east.

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Address: Olhos d´Agua

Postal Code: 8200

County: Albufeira

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