National Museum of Contemporary Art

Located in one of Lisbon’s most historic neighbourhoods, the Chiado, the National Museum of Modern Art, was founded in 1911. In 1994, the building was overhauled according to a modernist project by Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The museum was expanded into other sections of the previous structure with its name changed to the Museum of Chiado.

The museum collection includes painting, sculpture and design from the 1850 to our days. It provides a most thorough retrospective on the development of Portuguese art including the most significant examples of Portuguese art from the romantic, naturalist, modernist, surrealist and abstract periods.

The museum program puts on temporary exhibitions according to three criteria: presenting innovative approaches to works, artists or movements included in the permanent collection, international exhibitions that fall within the scope of the museum’s remit and presenting contemporary artists.


Coordinates: 38.708370,-9.141262