Museum of the Presidency of the Republic

The idea behind creating the Presidential Museum was to bring the President closer to the citizens he represents by opening up the Belém Palace, his official residence, to the public. The long-lasting aims that the Museum seeks to fullfil are, therefore, cultural and civic.

Situated in the Belém Palace, the Museum strives to offer its visitors extensive and rigorous information about the presidential institution, its history and its office-holders. Use of innovative technological means allows for easy and interactive access to this information. We wanted to create a museum of contemporary, political and institutional history, which would also be an example of taking advantage of the new possibilities of spreading knowledge and divulging culture.

The Presidential Museum is not merely a static space of contemplation. It is also a centre for learning, investigating, publishing and cultural initiatives. The Website, the Digital Archive, the Virtual Museum, the Educational and Training Services and the many Cultural Extension activities are other initial, participative tools. This means that the Museum is an undertaking in progress and a dynamic project.


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