Combatente Museum

The Museum inside the Fort of Bom Sucesso (XVIII century) is one of the Combatants League museums, which was open to the public in 2003. The Combatants League exists since 1923, as a Public Institution for Social Solidarity.

The main purpose of this Museum is the expression of the Portuguese military conquests, with a space reserved to divulgate the Portuguese military history, near the public in general and the combatants, through distinct museum references regarding time, matter and especially shape, from the First World War, the Overseas Campaigns and Peace Missions. Therefore, the Museum of Combatant honours the Combatants who served Portugal in the Overseas Campaigns, with the integration of the “Monument to the Honour of Overseas Combatants” in this space, since 1993. These two symbols – the Museum of Combatant and the “Monument to the Honour of Overseas Campaigns”, stands for the concepts of Culture, Citizenship and Defense. The two of them represent an end of a cycle in the Portuguese history – the End of the Empire, whose beginning is materialized in the same space by the Belem Tower.

The Fort of Bom Sucesso − Museum of Combatant, is located in one of the most beautiful views of Lisbon (near the Belem Tower), offering three permanent exhibition spaces in the outdoors with different military armament of the Portuguese armed forces, two interior permanent exhibitions – “The Portuguese Combatant of the XX” and the”History of the Military Aviation” and also several temporary exhibitions of painting and photography.



Coordinates: 38.693025,-9.218639